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EDGE™ Legacy™ Twin Wallet is made of PU leather which also known as bicast leather or split leather. PU leather is short for polyurethane leather because the coating on this leather is made with polyurethane. As a material, this synthetic version of the real thing offers numerous advantages. In terms of performance, polyurethane leather is waterproof, soft, supple and much lighter than real leather.

Legacy™ Twin Wallet has an integrated 2 aluminium card holders that protects your cards from any kind of RFID / NFC frauds. Push the lever and the cards slide out smoothly, ready for immediate use. The strong case protects the cards against bending and breaking. This smart wallet becomes your everyday companion thanks to its compact size, large capacity and beautiful design.

  • Comfortable and fast card access
  • Stud closure
  • RFID – block secures your data

LEGACY™ Twin Wallet 1

LEGACY™ Twin Wallet 2

Data sheet

  • Brand: EDGE™ Wallets
  • Size: 65 × 100 × 22 mm
  • Material of Card holder: Aluminium
  • Material of Wallet: PU Leather
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Coffee, Brown, Grey
  • Weight: 110 g
  • Coin pocket: No coin pocket
  • Card capacity: 12-14 cards
  • Additional features: RFID / NFC protected

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Legacy™ Twin Wallet accommodates a lot despite the fact it has a compact size. Integrated card holder protects your cards from RFID / NFC frauds. There is additional space for cash and cards in the leather billfold.

  • 2 x Card holders max. 10 cards (depending on the thickness/embossing of the cards)
  • Note compartment for banknotes, receipts and business cards
  • 2 card space in leather billfold can hold max. 4 cards

LEGACY™ Twin Wallet 6

Protects Your Cards

Majority of cards in our days contain a chip and antenna for wireless communication. While these cards bring in our everyday busy life convenience at the same time they are vulnerable for RFID / NFC frauds. The integrated card holder in Legacy™ Twin Wallet protects your cards from these type of unwanted incidents by significantly reducing the RFID / NFC signals.

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